The EFTRE Board met in Gothenburg on March 3rd, 2018. The meeting was hosted by Olof Franck, the Swedish board member, at the Department of Pedagogical, Curricular and Professional Studies of the University of Gothenburg. Board members of 10 countries were attending. Additionally, Sandra Cullen, board member of Ireland and host of the next EFTRE conference was participating via conference call. She could not fly out to Sweden due to snow and a shutdown of Dublin airport.

Main points on the agenda was the revision of the membership list and the discussion on the legal status of EFTRE in the European context. Beyond that, the upcoming conference in 2019 was further planned and the programme began to take shape. Four keynote speakers could be confirmed as well as numerous workshops that were offered by EFTRE members. Details of the conference can be found soon here:

After a constructive and fruitful meeting the board was introduced to the history of Gothenburg with a city walk and invited by the Swedish RE teacher association Föreningen Lärare i Religionskunskap for dinner. This opened up opportunities for exchange about the national situation and discourse on RE between the participants as well as Swedish representatives of the teacher association.

CoGREE steering group members Lesley Prior and Janika Olschewski attended the meeting.

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