After many years of great commitment, Dr Peter Schreiner is stepping down as moderator of the CoGREE steering group. The International Association for Christian Education (IV), one of the founding CoGREE member organisations, volunteered to take up this function. From this summer on for one year, the IV Secretary Michael Jacobs will become interim moderator. Then, his colleague and President of IV, Piet Jansen, will take over.

“It is with great regret that I must accept the resignation of Peter Schreiner”, says Michael Jacobs, currently headteacher of a Protestant school in Germany. “But of course I also feel very honoured by the trust that my CoGREE colleagues put in myself and the organisation I am representing. I will do my very best to assure a fruitful continuation of our cooperation and Piet Jansen will  do the same from mid 2021 on.”

The CoGREE moderator’s tasks include identifying current priorities, setting the agenda and chairing the biannual meetings. The moderator works together with the Secretary, a role that Lesley Prior, EFTRE representative, will continue.

Dr Peter Schreiner states: “I have always underlined the importance of CoGREE as a network of mutual support and encouragement for religion in education and not at least as a promoter of European collaboration and enjoyed working together with the COGREE members. I am happy that IV is taking on this responsibility and my good wishes are with Michael Jacobs and Piet Jansen.”

The first meeting chaired by Michael Jacobs as moderator will take place on 4th and 5th December 2020 in Münster, Germany.

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