“Great experience – during a time of local restriction it was good to remember the wider European picture and share with others.” That’s one of participants’ feedbacks on Zoomthal, a CoGREE and ICCS co-hosted online event that took place on 8th October 2020.

With around 18 participants from ten different countries the exchange at Zoomthal was enriched by a wide variety of nationalities and backgrounds. Participants valued the chance to get to know each other in small groups and to discuss the event’s topic discovering the various perspectives of their colleagues. Under the headline “Let’s tell our stories! – The positive impact of religion in public education” the Zoomthal event explored the question of how storytelling can be used to make a case for religion in education. By telling the “CindeRElla story” the hosts demonstrated how religion in education is often neglected – just as the fairytale character Cinderella is. Storytelling offers the chance to change that fate and to tell a positive story of religious education. Small working groups then discussed how that could actually be put into practice and what different kinds of challenges would have to be overcome. In the end, all participants were happy about the inspiring exchange in a friendly atmosphere.

The wide range of thoughts and ideas will now serve as input to develop further the Klingenthal conference in 2021 on the very same topic. Therefore, the story of Zoomthal is far from being at “The end” but is definitely “to be continued”.

More information about ‘Zoomthal’ and ‘Klingenthal’ can be found here.

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