24 February 2022: Russia declared war on Ukraine and invaded the country. No less than 3 months later, the country is still at war. But what is the situation in Ukrainian Catholic schools today? What are the urgent needs of schools and religious communities? To what extent can we, as stakeholders and representatives of Catholic schools in Europe, support our Ukrainian counterparts?

These and other questions were addressed in a live webinar from Lviv on 12 May 2022 co-organised by representatives of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Commission for Education, the European Committee for Catholic Education (CEEC) and the International Office of Catholic Education (OIEC).

This event, moderated by Philippe Richard (OIEC) and Guy Selderslagh (CEEC), gave the floor to several players and representatives of the Catholic school in Ukraine:

  • Father Petro Mayba, head of the Education Commission of the Greek Catholic Church of Ukraine
  • Sister Khrystophora Bushtyn, member of the Public Council of Churches and Religious Organisations at the Ministry of Education of Ukraine
  • Olya Riy, Headteacher of St Sofia’s School in Lviv
  • Halyna Tuziak, Headteacher of St Nicholas Nursery School in Lviv

Here below you can find their contributions as transcripts in several languages.

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