The self-understanding of the European Forum for Teachers of Religious Education is that of a non-confessional forum which represents the interests of RE teachers in Europe, independent of a specific structure and a confessional or non-confessional approach.

The aims of EFTRE are

  • to contribute to the international cooperation of teachers of Religious Education in the theoretical and practical aspects of their work
  • to provide networks between teachers of Religious Education in member countries
  • to strengthen and promote the position of Religious Education in schools in the member countries and in Europe in general.
  • to lobby organisations and structures at the national and European level to improve the provision and quality of Religious Education across its member countries and across Europe

Chairwoman: Lesley Prior (GB) chair@eftre.net

Secretary: Elisabeth Faber (DK) secretary@eftre.net

Representative in CoGREE: Lesley Prior (GB)


You want to learn more? Visit http://www.eftre.net