Conference in L’viv © Michael Holzwieser

At the teachers conference in L’viv in April, the combination of ethics and spirituality in teaching were discussed with a delegation of PILGRIM. It took place at the Centre of higher education. After some lectures, more than 100 teachers were participating in workshops thinking about how to change school and teaching towards more ecology and spirituality.

In Lublin in May, the conference took place at the famous KUL (Catholic University of Lublin) and focused on the „Integral Development of the Person and the Protection of the Creation“. The PILGRIM/Vienna delegation contributed to the topics of Sustainable development, human development and spirituality by presenting the background of the pedagogy of PILGRIM. More than 150 university students and professors were able to learn more about this innovative pedagogical approach. Also, 3 new members from Poland were welcomed among the PILGRIM community which has already grown to 38 in Poland and 262 members worldwide. Learn more about the conference here (link in German).

This article was written by Michael Holzwieser, PILGRIM representative at CoGREE.

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