The pandemic has put us all, who are working in education across Europe, in similar positions. And while it has been and still is a tragic and challenging situation in manifold ways, it also provides us with the unique opportunity to analyse what kind of conclusions are drawn for the subject of RE across European countries, which are facing the same challenges simultaneously. Therefore, a team of researchers from five European countries have decided to develop an empirical study under the headline “What Covid reveals to RE specialists”. It is a cooperation of ICCS and EFTRE board representatives initiated by Bianca Kappelhoff, educational researcher at the Comenius-Institute in Germany and member of both those bodies.

As main focus of the study, the research team wants to create an opportunity for RE teachers and multipliers in the field to reflect on how they evaluate what – against the backdrop of the experiences during the pandemic – matters most for them in teaching RE. This relates to, for example, goals of RE, student-teacher relationships or learning pedagogies. Currently, a questionnaire for multiplier stakeholders is under way, which will then be followed by a second study among RE teachers.

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