We are horrified by Putin’s attack on the Ukraine. We are horrified by the reality we have to face today: war in Europe.

As people and organisations involved in European cooperation, we want to express our full solidarity with the Ukrainian people and all those who stand up for peace across Europe and beyond.

Some of our member organisations have published respective statements. Several of our member organisations also have partners located directly in the Ukraine. All our thoughts are especially with them, and we hope for their safety.

Peacebuilding is always an integral part of any activity we undertake. If anything, today’s events bring us even closer together as people of Europe, as humans who feel connected in their dedication to education, to learning from and with each other across borders and differences.

May Peace prevail.

Your CoGREE member organisations IV, ICCS, CEEC, EuFRES, PILGRIM


Photo by Tina Hartung on Unsplash

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