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CoRE report Religion and worldviews: the way forward

“The Commission on Religious Education (CoRE) has spent the last two years listening to evidence from a wide-range of concerned parties including pupils, teachers, lecturers, advisers, parents and faith and belief communities. We have received over three thousand submissions. We have been excited and encouraged by the reports of the excellent work happening day by day in many classrooms. We are, however, convinced that RE needs rejuvenating if it is to continue to make its important contribution; indeed if it is not to wither on the vine. There are three reasons for this. First is the growing diversity of religions and beliefs that pupils today encounter, both in their locality and in the media. Second is the variable quality of RE experienced by pupils across the country. Third is the fact that the legal arrangements around RE are no longer working as more schools become academies. In this, its Final Report, CoRE therefore proposes that a new National Plan for RE should be enacted to ensure that learning in this area remains academically rigorous and a knowledge-rich preparation for life in a world of great religion and belief diversity.”

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