EFTRE news:

A new group of family members has taken over the leadership of EFTRE. The conference in Rome in August 2023 was also the place and time for the regular General Assembly of the Forum, which is electing the members of the board and the executive, the steering bodies of EFTRE.


For the executive, the election was eagerly awaited as two long-standing members – Lesley Prior (England) as chair and Elisabeth Faber (Denmark) as Secretary – announced to step down from their duties. The EFTRE community thanked them with deep gratitude for their dedication and hard work. It was with great pleasure that the members elected Bert Roebben from Germany/Belgium as new chair and Tuomas Anttila from Finland as new Secretary. Lesley and Elisabeth are continuing to serve as regular members of the executive as do Hugo Verkest (Belgium), Marios Koukounaras Liagkis (Greece), Norman Richardson (Northern Ireland), and Bianca Kappelhoff (Germany).


Many previous members of the board showed willingness to go on with this role for the next term of office. Members were happy to welcome a new board member for the Ukraine, Kateryna Buchko. Together with Olga Schihalejev, board member from Estonia, she also volunteered to take part in the communication team of EFTRE, coordinated by executive member Bianca Kappelhoff.

All members of the board and the executive are elected until the next General Assembly, which will take place at the next Conference planned for 2025.

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