From November 5th to November 10th, 2023, GPENreformation and the Presbyterian Church of Ghana invited around 60 members and ambassadors of the network from a total of 15 countries as well as 40 teachers and education officials from Ghana to Koforidua, Ghana. Together they discussed digitalisation in Protestant schools worldwide. The theme of the conference was “Seeds of Hope in complex Times – Protestant Education in the digital Era”.

Digital education opens up new educational opportunities. However, pupils need more than just technical education: They also need social skills to use digital tools and methods appropriately. The school of the future must therefore utilise digital educational materials, tools and access points where they add value and always reflect on the ethical responsibility that goes hand in hand with the technical development. In addition, the globally differing possibilities of stable internet access and the supply of hardware and software can cause new global injustices. For these reasons, GPENreformation will work politically to ensure that state funding for digital equipment in schools is also available to non-profit Protestant schools. The conference was an important step in this direction.

The programme of the event consisted of lectures, impulses and reports, workshops, excursions, church services, an ambassador meeting and diverse cultural performances.

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This article was written by Dr Hendrik Niether.

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