IV news:

In March 2024, Rev Frank-Dieter Fischbach was appointed the new General Secretary of the Conference of European Churches (CEC). He is a pastor of the Protestant Church in Rhineland and currently works in the EKD’s foreign department. He will take up his new post in the summer. He knows the large European church organisations – CPCE and CEC – very well from many years of experience and has already worked for both in previous years. IV and ICCS, as ‘organisations in partnership’ with CEC, look forward to the coming cooperation. We assume that Frank-Dieter Fischbach will take up and continue the initiative of his predecessor, Dr Jorgensen, to reach bilateral agreements with the organisations in partnership. A first draft of a memorandum of understanding as a basis for the agreement was prepared by Dr Jorgensen in December 2023 and sent to the associations for them to add to and help shape.

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