EFTRE news:

Lesley Prior, who was closely involved with EFTRE for over 20 years, died on April 20th 2024, following a long and recurring illness. From 2013, Lesley was the Chair of the EFTRE Executive Committee and led the organisation through a significant period of change and challenge over her ten years in that role. On behalf of the whole EFTRE family, the EFTRE Executive Committee wants to pay tribute to one of its most cherished members and dear friend.

To honor Lesley Prior’s untiring commitment to EFTRE and European exchange more widely, EFTRE proudly announces the Lesley Prior Fund. It will serve to subsidise participants’ participation fee at EFTRE conferences with the goal to make this European experience as inclusive and accessible to as many people as possible.

Let’s remember Lesley Prior for she will always remain a member of the EFTRE family.

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