Good news: the project “SysMind – Discovering a Sustainable Mindset: New dimensions of an education of sustainable development focusing intercultural values and ethics” has been awarded funding from the Erasmus+ programme. The project, in which CoGREE member PILGRIM is involved, is looking at different cultural and religious circumstances and sustainability. Which feasts, which rituals, which knowledge about protecting the earth can we find in Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions? What do they have to say about it to the science community or non-religious convictions?

This European programme includes partners like universities, university colleges for teacher’s training and associations focusing on vocational training from Spain to Ukraine, from Turkey to Latvia. Three modules on the topics of sustainability like climate change, water and soil are planned, which will offer training possibilities for teachers from across Europe. In total, this professional development programme will run over 2.5 years and include meetings in Spain, Austria and Latvia as well as online meetings. The preparation of the programme starts in the beginning of 2022! Are you a teacher of science, vocational subjects, ethics or religious education or of any different subject at school? Then, you can take part in the whole course or just one or two modules. The application period for the three modules will start in September 2022. Please contact Michael Holzwieser from the University College of Agrarian and Environmental Education, Vienna, for more information:

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