After the General Assembly 2021 had only taken place digitally, also the symposium on “Challenges of digitalisation for religion and education in Christian schools” could not be organised as planned in Riga this spring. Corona and in addition the Russian war in Ukraine made the situation during March/April too unsafe for planning and travelling into the Baltic states.

Although there is no end of war in sight at the moment, we want to risk a new attempt to meet in Riga for the General Assembly in autumn 2022. A sign of closeness and connection with our Baltic friends and colleagues seems important right now! The board of IV discussed it in May and decided to organise the General Assembly from 4th to 6th November 2022 in Riga. But the topic of the symposium will be changed into: “Dare to hope!? – How Christian schools accompany the growing up of youngsters in times of crisis”. Theological and pedagogical questions on peace education and peace ethics, concepts of religious education and school pastoral care to strengthen students in times of crisis as well as practical experiences with war refugees in our schools will be the centre of attention during the symposium.

We really hope to succeed this time to meet in Riga for exchange and encounter! All members of IV as well as interested non-members are cordially invited! A detailed program will be published in time.

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